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About Duct Tape


Portland, Oregon has always been known for pushing the limits in many societal ways, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that breeders there are testing the boundaries when dealing with amazing cannabis. The team at Archive Seed Bank decided to cross Do-Si-Dos and Original Glue, formerly known as Gorilla Glue #4, and the result is practically mind-blowing. An indica-dominant strain that’s as strong as it is practical, it’s no wonder they named her Duct Tape.


Consistent strains tend to be a favorite of smokers everywhere, and Duct Tape comes in with a 23% to 25% THC potency time and time again. Her nugs are light in color with brown hairs, but it’s her trichome coverage that really stands out. Even more sparkling than either of her parents, users can tell from the moment they look at her that they’re in for a wild ride. Taking a page from her Original Glue roots, Duct Tape’s flavors include fuel, pine, and chocolate notes that might seem a bit odd at first toke but become more and more enjoyable as you continue to puff. If you need to be discrete this strain may not be for you, as the entire room will fill with her aroma and linger for a while.


As one would expect based on her data, Duct Tape isn’t a strain to be messed with. Newer users will definitely want to steer clear, as her effects often hit hard and fast, allowing users to completely let go of their day thus far. Most report that a strong cerebral surge hits first, infusing the body with euphoria and creativity from head to toe. For some, a slight boost in energy levels might also come into play, but even if that’s the case, this bud will likely end up relaxing even the most hyper of individuals with ease. Many recommend simply kicking your feet up, maybe enjoying a few tasty snacks, and allowing yourself to go with the flow and see where sedation takes you. If you end up falling asleep on the couch, don’t be surprised.


Archive Seed Bank doesn’t necessarily show all of their cards when it comes to providing home cultivation information, but there is enough data out there to get even newer growers started. Plants grow to be quite tall and are said to thrive equally well both inside and outdoors. Allow for a full 10 weeks of maturation before you harvest, and you’ll probably end up shocked by just how bountiful your yield can be.


Many people think of duct tape as a one-size-fits-all item in their homes, but you can’t treat the strain in the same way. Duct Tape is only appropriate for experienced users who have nothing on their agenda for the rest of the night. Take a few puffs and let relaxation and joy spread over you like a blanket of relief.


Common Usage







Typical Effects






THC Content

Highest Test25%

Strain Average24%


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