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When classic strains come together to create an entirely new bud, cannabis lovers often think they’ve hit the holy grail of weed. The cross between Zkittlez and Gelato is no exception, as the secretive breeding group Runtz has created a winner with White Runtz. Evenly balanced and full of flavor, this strain will easily make your list of all-time favorites.

Although there are plenty of strains on the market with much higher THC levels, White Runtz is no slouch with her 23% average. Nugs are very large and feature a forest green tone with pistils that take on a reddish-orange coloration. Trichomes are small and white yet are blanketed rather thickly on each bud. Both flavors and aromas are similar when it comes to White Runtz, as a sweet and sour fruity note makes you think of candy with a slight hint of earth.

THC Content



Despite the fact that this strain is said to be evenly balanced, most users note that she takes on far more indica-leaning qualities than anything else. A few tokes of White Runtz often brings on a super sedated feeling with tingles that start in the back of your neck and eventually envelop you from head to toe. Coupled with this physical sensation is a mental space that’s often hard to beat. For many, White Runtz brings on an incredible combination of happiness and relaxation, making her ideal to enjoy after a long day at work.


Cannabis that’s in the mid-20s when it comes to THC percentages is commonly used for medical relief as well as recreational fun, and anyone who struggles with ailments regularly may want to add White Runtz to their line-up. Her euphoric energy is often beneficial for individuals who deal with anxiety and depression, allowing them to clear their minds for a few hours. Those who have a hard time falling asleep or who deal with bodily pain have also turned to this tasty strain as she’s been reported to help immensely with both issues.

The Runtz team hails from California, and while you’d think that West Coasters would have easy access to these seeds, sadly that’s not the case. At this time, it appears that home growers will have to go without White Runtz in their personal garden as the strain is a fairly well-guarded secret. Your best bet is to purchase nugs regularly and hope that a stray seed decided to hitch a ride into your living room.


While there’s no such thing as a perfect strain, White Runtz certainly wants to aim for the title. Beautifully calming effects blend seamlessly with flavors that are mouth-watering and bold, and while you might be able to take a few puffs during the day, most users keep this gal reserved for nighttime use only. The next time you need to kick your feet up and forget about your worries, make sure to give this bud a chance.

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